Update on my surgery

I had a nose surgery 5 days ago and I’m at home now. Surgery took about 2 hours to complete because they found another issue with my breathing problems. It was really painful first few days after surgery as there were tampons in my nose and my eyes were constantly watering. I didn’t throw up after anaesthesia or passed out. I was unable to sleep properly for two days until the tampons were removed. I bled just a little and was able to take a breath even though it is rare to do so. Yesterday I got home and I smoked cigarettes even so my doctor forbade but I’m abstaining from long showers, physical activity, alcohol and coffee. I’m sleeping pretty good now but I feel feeble and weak. My nose stopped bleeding and only comes yellow liquid once in a while. I have to see my surgeon on Monday for a check up and clean my nose from mucus.

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Good to hear that you’re recovering well from surgery. I know it’s difficult, but it’s really important to abstain from smoking during the healing process. Take care!


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