Update on Bella the dog

So two days after Thanksgiving Bella started being more aggressive toward my mom’s 10 year old cat Socks and animals outside (this would include jumping as t the windows and trying to slam threw the windows), and although we’d say no she continued. Sunday she tried to attack my mom’s cat and almost successfully caught her! Thank goodness that cat is fast and Bella couldn’t get to the top of the cat tree… We put her in her kennel and tried to have Socks in the same room but Bella would lunge so hard that the entire kennel would move! And so it saddens me to say for the safety of the old cat and other animals in the neighborhood we surrendered her back to the same humane society shelter we got her from (it’s a no kill shelter I do believe) I feel really bad about this but I can’t have an innocent animal get hurt if it’s my mom’s cat or any other animal.


My dogs name is bella too!

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It’s sad but returning a pet to the shelter is quite common @Twialine

We had to return our chocolate lab puppy back to the shelter because of ongoing serious health issues.

I’m sorry it didn’t work out. Did you let them know she’s very aggressive?

My stepmom’s dog chases my dad’s cats so we have to keep the cats in the basement.

@ZmaGal yes I did.
@Manny we weren’t gonna keep the poor cat locked away forever.
@Wave I’m sorry you had to give it back


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