Update on Alien in my head

Well, for those who followed my thread about the male voice called Alien who lives in my head, I just want to say it still doesn’t feel like it is a delusion, it still feels so real. I told my sister about Alien, and she said I should get myself admitted before the problem gets worse. Surely I won’t need to be admitted for a single delusion (if it is one)? But I agree I need to see my pdoc as soon as I can. My usual pdoc at my local state psych hospital (Valkenberg) outpatients unit is fully booked up for Jan and so I can only go on the 29th to see him. But the hospital where I was, Victoria General State Hospital, have got an appointment with me tomorrow at 10am that their pdoc can see how I am doing. I am glad for this apt as I can’t wait till the 29th its too long. I don’t know what I am going to do in the meantime about meds, because I doubt the Victoria pdoc will change them, he will just refer me to Valkenberg. Hoping I won’t need to be admitted, but if it comes to it I will go ahead with what they have got to say, and then at least they will transfer me to Valkenberg sooner as an inpatient. I felt really down at the idea of going into hospital again and worrying what will my husband do as he can’t live alone - he doesn’t cook and he has epilepsy so he can’t drive around by himself, that’s why I was reluctant to go into hospital again. But maybe I won’t. Just hold thumbs for me for tomorrow morning…! :blush: I will post an update on what they said, but if you don’t see me then maybe I am admitted - or my internet time is up and I need to get a recharge voucher! :smile:

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Yep, that’s the thing about delusions, they seem so real. I know in my experience it can be incredibly hard if not impossible to tell the difference.

I’m glad you’re going to talk to your doctor. I hope he can switch some things around and help you with these thoughts.

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It MIGHT be better in the long run to go into the hospital NOW with a little crisis going on, then to put it off and let it blow up and turn into a MAJOR crisis that’s going to take months and months to recover from. I could be wrong.


I’m glad you’re going to talk to your doc. Since you were just in hospital…

I wish I could reassure you that the inside of your head is all you. But I do remember how real it feels when something grabs a hold.

There are some beliefs of mine that have never let go… I just try to carry on and feel better despite them.

I do hope you get some answers and feel better as well. Please know we all wish the best for you.

Your a very kind person… I hate to see you have to suffer through this.

Yes, I am happy that you are seeking out help for yourself @Hadeda - I really hope things work out for you, please keep us posted on your progress

apart from the total belief in your delusion, you don’t sound too bad, saadiqah. yes go to the hospital before it gets out of hand. you may not need to be admitted at all but it’s best to get these things checked. sometimes a little med adjustment is all that’s needed. good luck saadiqah and i hope you get better soon hunni x

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**Good luck @Hadeda!
Maybe you can just be in the hospital 1 or 2 days to get adjusted. And I hope you get a room this time!