Update from my psychiatrist appointment

I saw my psychiatrist yesterday afternoon.

I told him all about the depression and told him I was going to hang myself on Wednesday but I couldn’t find anything strong enough to do the job.

He was first going to put me in hospital, then decided the home visiting mental health team might do. I talked my way out of it because I hate those guys and I don’t want anyone in my house.

He is tapering me off latuda and I am going back on to invega, which is good news.

He has also increased my lexapro to 20mg.

He gave me clearance to work three full time days per week which I am happy about because then I can quit the return to work plan and really be a part of my new friendly team and get some work done.

I didn’t tell him about the codeine though, I forgot.

Thanks for reading.

I’m sorry to hear you have been in a dark space, it sounds like things are heading in the right direction professional wise though?

I hope the depression eases for you soon and that all med changes level out and go smoothly!


Thank you @Dante13

I’m shocked to hear that turtle. I’m sad and shocked. Hopefully it was just the fact that Latuda didn’t agree with you. Suicidal ideation is a sure sign that there’s a problem with meds.

I am hoping that being at work more will help a lot.

Thanks @everhopeful I feel like you have been on this journey with me the whole time because you always give me such kind thoughtful responses.


I understand what you mean @anon84763962. I’ve been through some dark places in the time since this illness has started. I’ve been hospitalized twice for suicidal and homicidal thoughts. the homicidal thoughts were about my brother, he is incredibly abusive towards people and animals.

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It is awful isn’t it? I really hate feeling depressed. And thinking, just being so preoccupied, with death.

I’m glad you got some adjustments in your meds. You probably resented your psychiatrist’s being unable to help you emotionally. I wouldn’t tell anyone I was going to commit suicide if I really meant to do so. You might have been trying to impress him with the strength of your depressed mood. I got depressed over the period of a year myself and tried to commit suicide, but the method I chose was insufficient. There is nothing more serious in life than suicide or taking some other person or person’s life or lives After a few attempts, my daughter DID take her own life. You’ll have to wait for an upturn in your feelings.


If you’re ever feeling suicidal again, please let people (Mr turtle, medical team etc) know about it.


I’m so sorry to know you’re suicidal @anon84763962, hope it passes soon. A big hug :heart:

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Codeine can be bad news, it’s a opiate! So can be addictive. How dependent on it are you?

I’d suggest mentioning it to your GP or PDoc at your next appointment! To discuss something else or tapering off!

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