Update from DownUnder...What have you been up too?

Hi folks,

On the plan and doing fine. Spending less time on the internet and trying to be more productive in life. I don’t miss this place but I do miss the people!!! So here’s some things I’ve been up too!

Under 104 kgs finally. After a couple of weeks I’m around 102. Another 2 weeks on the program and I’m cracking that magical barrier of 100kgs. That is a big thing for me and I’m working hard at it. More exercise. No soda. Drinking lots of water. On the path to wellness! Still haven’t adjusted eating too much just being more sensible about portion size and not eating snacks!

Mum is in a world of hurt. Had a reaction to her melanoma treatment and it was pretty severe! She’s high in spirits but after a week in hospital she’s not the best. Not eating much. No more treatments. She’s had an issue with both she’s tried. Anyways she’s home and dad and I are doing all the housework. I’m up early so it’s laundry and cooking for me! We are coping but it’s a reality check if we lose mum. Financially and otherwise it’s a big change for me. Anyways. She went to normal doc today and it was pretty positive. No dates so hoping she can kick around a lot longer yet!

Cricket. Had a decent 2nd game. Was up a grade in B3 from Cgrade and top scored first week with 28. Not a bad day at the office but it’s a two day game and they are expecting 4 inches of rain this saturday so chances of playing are pretty slim…

So. It’s been under two weeks peeps. What’s new, different, the same, what is up in your life??? I’ll check back when I get some time and look at your replies!

Much love and peace and understanding!

Paul. The Rogueone!


It’s nice to hear from you @rogueone!
I’m sorry to hear about your Mom.
Hope she starts feeling better soon.

Take care.


Hey my Aussie friend!! Nice to see you back!!

:smiley: Not much new with me, just struggling with finances and I started Seroquel about a week or so ago.

Sorry to hear about your mother, I sincerely hope things brighten up for you and your fam. :pray:

Here’s a big ((Hug)) from the states!

:hugs: :v:.

  • Monte

Thanks @Wave and @Montezuma … I also hacked off my beard to a more manageable level! I like it…it was a bit weird losing all that hair off my face!

@Montezuma …how you doing on that seroquel? It’s one I’ve never tried. Are you sleeping more?


I think you are doing so well.

That a spirit.:slightly_smiling_face::ghost:

To have ones mother sick and in pain is for most people probably a very difficult thing to go through.

I don’t know how I would cope such a thing.

Yet you have been so active and helping to clean .

I think that’s great of you and that you are doing so well .

Good prayers​:pray:t3::two_hearts: for your mum n dad and yourself.

Good that you are taking such good care of yourself aswell.

That would please your mother and help her…
Just seeing you do that may give her more peace n less worry .




Thanks @SacredNeigh7!

Mum is an amazing woman and we all don’t want to lose such a treasure…my laundry is getting better. Soon I will be ironing! That would be something to see! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your positive vibes!


Hello from a fellow Aussie. You’re just an hour south of where I am I think. Sorry to hear about your mum. Melanoma is so aggressive so it usually means the treatments have to be as well. Thankfully she has you and you dad as a support. Congratulations with your weight man. Good effort. I will be exercising again soon. I used to be a distance runner before my last couple of hospitalization. My unit complex has a gym so no excuses now. Will be heading to Melbourne tomorrow. My partner (with me being dragged along for the ride) is going to that WWE event held at the MCG. I shouldn’t complain it will probably be okay. Otherwise I’ve struggled +++ these past couple of days. Have needed 6 extra doses of AP to get by. But I have my echo on the 10th this month then I’ll be put on clozapine. Any way good to hear from you again and that you’re doing well. Nice manscaping of the beard. Don’t know how you put up with it that length in summer. Okay I’m off to feed the cat. Bye.


Thanks @Sezbot241 …enjoy Melbourne…It’s on my bucket list. Spent a lot of time in Sydney but never been to Melbourne but have some plans in place to see the first day of the boxing day test…probably the ashes…at the MCG. Not a wrestling fan but it would be a good show nonetheless so enjoy and have some fun!

Clozapine has it’s advantages for those who’ve struggled with other drugs so hope you do well! Remember to give it 6 weeks at least…it’s a weird world we live in!

You welcome :blush: You look great btw!

The seroquel is treating me okay. It’s helping with my anxiety, although I have noticed I am sleeping a lot more, pacing more, and overall feeling pretty lethargic.

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Thanks matey! Yeah It seems to be pretty sedating from most reports. Still. If it’s helping it’s a small price to pay! Try doing some walking at a brisk pace. It really can help and it’s done wonders for me! I walk around a tiny house but it helps before I can get out into the world!

Nothing to lose…lots to gain!

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I was diagnosed with diabetes last week friday. I have a cold right now. Otherwise, I try to get my day around. I have already tried a healthier diet for one day. Have also made a little smart on the Internet about the diet of diabetes and fat liver.

Next month I have another appointment at the university hospital because of my diabetes. I’m just waiting for this investigation. Maybe I’ll get better information there.

It’s really hard to change your eating habits.

Congratulations on losing weight.

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hey @Vuldarz yeah diabetes is a serious thing but so is schizophrenia! You just need to look out for yourself and eat well. It’s not hard. You just have to keep tabs on what your putting into your body…it’s an investment in health!

Are you type 2? or type 1? I think if your type 2 you can improve things and don’t need insulin. That would be my motivation in itself. Look after yourself…you really are worth it!

Thanks. I will know which type next time. But as you said type 2 I guess, four family members got type 2.

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