Update for you guys/stimulus check

“If you received SSDI, SSI, or veterans compensation or pension in 2019, and you don’t have children under 17, you don’t have to do anything; the government will send you your check automatically.”
not sure about Phil yet.


I know in my state they do but you have to have filed taxes in 2019

nope. unless you have dependents. All you need is a social security number. no tax return, no tax number on file.

no dependents here, Im excited now, I think I’ll invest half in the stock market and use the other half to pay my student loans off. What are you going to do with yours @Daze?

I’m still waiting on mine, I’m SSDI no tax return. I could really use it.

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household repairs, get a new office chair for my desk, have a tech co. retrieve my pics and some documents from my old crashed computer, buy things for my grandson.


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