Update #2 ...bad news


Went bad with my son.I can’t go into details of why but it went very bad with him, and he cannot return.


I’m so sorry things did not go well. Maybe one day things will be different and there will be another opportunity?

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That’s so sad to hear. I’m so sorry it didn’t go well

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I’m so sorry @sweldon001.

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Sorry to hear that. I don’t know your situation but sometimes tough love is the only option. Either way sorry to hear of your struggles with your son.


cannot ever be another oppertunity


I’m sorry @sweldon001.

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Sorry things did not work out, for you. :gorilla::gorilla::gorilla:

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I’m so sorry @sweldon001. :slightly_frowning_face: Did he try to hurt you or something? It was really so bad that there won’t be another chance? Where is he now? Maybe you’ll think differently after everyone cools off?


I’m sorry @sweldon001 that your hopes were dashed. I’ll be holding good thoughts for both of you.

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Sorry @sweldon001 .

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