Up-to-date news about me and my concern

Sad news is that the Chinese forum of schizophrenia that I used to visit has been blocked by Great Firewall in China. No more access from the local Chinese, so basically there are only me (a foreigner) and a few who know how to bypass the GFW.

I think I have left some negative image of myself on this forum in the past few months. Even though so, I still think some comments of mine were necessary. May be it is because of my incompetent English or misunderstanding with people from other cultures and backgrounds.

I made a breakthrough though, that I want to make peace with other family members because of my father, and likewise, I want to make peace with fellow humans (everyone) because of our heavenly father. There must be a reason to forgive and forget people’s offense, and here it is.

Just started working on 19th Feb as a clerk, and I work 4 hours a day, 6 days a week. The salary is low but enough to cover my meals and fuels.

I apologize to forum members who may get offended by my comments (if any) but I will still stick to my religious belief. Circumstances are not favorable for me at the moment especially my inactivity in religious activity and worsen image of Malaysia on international stage.

It’s good to hear from you. That is sad about the Chinese forum. I hadn’t heard of the Great Firewall.

Thank you! :blush:

FYI: The people in China have no access to Facebook, Google, Blogger, Flickr and many other famous Web sites. Their government does the censorship.

Sorry about your forum, I knew you were a moderator there, right?

Hi Minnii, that’s not mine, the one which I moderate is in Malaysia. :smile:

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Oh alright, that’s not too bad than.

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Sorry to hear about all that. Are you enjoying your new job?

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Yes, I enjoy it very much. Thanks for asking.

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I didnt know the censorship was so serious.china loves their mega walls huh.

There is an informative Web site to test any URL or keyword for censorship in China.
http://en.greatfire.org OR https://en.greatfire.org/analyzer

Wow…what happens if they catch you with this software?

Hi flameoftherhine, thank you for your concern. I am not a China national so am not abide by the Chinese law. You have to ask our Chinese fellows though. :slight_smile:

Ah ok i understand thats part of life there and all countries censor the internet to certain degrees but this seems extreme…

For example, Google moved out from China mainland few years ago, and we don’t actually have Google in China (it will be redirected to Hong Kong).

Sounds ruff im glad theres a way around it and you all can have regular internet though.

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