Up to 60 Million With MH Issues in US and only 20,000 Pdocs

I was watching Doctor Mike on You Tube on the video where he was debunking Lady Gaga’s comments that primary care physicians can’t prescribe AD’s, and you should see a specialist.

In the title of the thread is how he put things into perspective.

Seems like a big problem in the US


I Always Enjoyed Lady Gaga’s Respective, Collective, Insightful, Creative Addition to Art

My family GP (general practitioner) did way better trying to help me than anyone in mental health from her own system to the independent Behavior Management place I was sent to first.

She had a lot of people she wrote psych meds for, plus ADHD and painkillers. She took classes constantly even after being a GP for 15 or more years. She was in her late 40’s at most, her sister who worked in same clinic was the same, but I think she was 2 years either older or younger. I just remember us all being pregnant at the same time when I was pregnant with my daughter. Each ended up with 4 kids all 10 and younger, lol.

But they knew healthcare in our area was ■■■■, hated our only medical brand available in SD area, so they did something to be the best in everything they could. They only sent you to specialist if they were for sure not ok taking on an issue. Like I got sent to a heart specialist that was pretty sure he was gonna have to do surgery to fix my valve, but he instead did the camera down my throat to see it better and said he’d rather wait as i was 23. Still no surgery, and i quit my cardiologist here because she didn’t like my answer of i was born with a resting heartrate of 125, and i can’t physically do a stress test as i can’t do it with my leg. That was before my incident last year.

But back to it, a good GP that’s willing to take continuous classes and keep an updated med pda thing (it was like the books pharmacies had way back, drug names and generic names for whatever illness. We had an old one from hubby’s first job in a pharmacy after high school). A GP sometimes has better compassion too for MI people, they know they have lives and are human, she was our whole family doctor, so she caught a lot of things before events happened, and she would call you at home to see how things were after starting a new med, after hours, and would change it next day if there was an issue. (Only pharmacy we had she had to call all RX in, no fax machine for them and electronic was not a thing).

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