Up at 1am. Sheesh

So i went to bed at 6:30pm cause my mom was drinking. I was tired too from being paranoid the night before and not getting any sleep. I woke up once at 11:30 then again at 1am. I decided to get up at 1. Im not tired at all. I made coffee and am about to get my second cup

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I’m wide awake here, also. It’s 2am here. Got anything to chat about?


I put french vanilla creamer in my coffee. It was delicious. Are you a coffee person?

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No. I have a rapid pulse and had to quit caffeine. I do drink decaf.


Oh wow. Best you quit coffee huh. Decaf is good for the taste. I think i could have a cup of creamer by itself

I think i made a mistake pouring this second cup of coffee. Im starting to feel tired and its gonna keep me awake for a while.

I’m going to try to sleep again.

I fell back asleep till 9am. Did you sleep?

If i don’t get my 11 hours - I’m a moody paranoid wreck the next day. Suppose you could say I’m reliant on the Seroquel Now.

I pulled an all nighter the other day - drinking filter coffee, and copped an arsy migraine in the morning. Bit of a git really, cos ive always seen sleeping as a waste of life - but you do what you gotta do.

I was getting ten hours religiously. Then all of a sudden im down to 6. Waking at at 1 or 2am wide awake. I go to bed at 8 cause im just tired of being awake still and have nothing to do. I need to start playing video games before bed and staying up till 10. Maybe id sleep later. My dog has something to do with it. She usually wakes me up at 2 or 4am and needs to go out or wants to get the paper and eat.

Whats a bit of a git mean? I really like that phrase.

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Lol, Annoying. Pain in the backside. Its english slang - sorry, i forget we are international on here sometimes :smiley:

A “git” is an annoying person. I think it stems from Old English.

Haha. Awesome. Im gonna start using that. Bring it to the US!

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Haha. Im sure there is US / Canada Slang ive never heard of either.

Was brought up on London Cockney as well - but that would just confuse you! :smiley:

Ever heard of fixin to do something?

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Im fixin to play video games today

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Yeah - I have heard of it. To me that sounds like your going to beat someone up lol. Only heard it off of Netflix, when ive VPN’d the USA Shows.

Its a hillbilly term. Folks in the mountains and south say it. I like it.

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Yes. I went to sleep.

Thats good. I fell back asleep for a while. Even after two cups of coffee. Got up at 9am. And couldve kept on sleeping.

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