Up all night, feels like meth

I don’t know why! Feels like someone spiked my water with meth. Couldn’t sleep again. Have to go out in a couple of hours to get a blood draw and I’m like a tweeker all paranoid and whatnot. I hate being bi-polar.


Sorry to hear that @tera. Am sure you will sleep well tonight.


Same here. It seems like ad soon as it hits 6am and I’m still awake. I’d imagine that’s what tweakers feel like.

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I hope things get better soon :slight_smile:

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Don’t feel alone man. Everytime I couldn’t sleep and got paranoid I thought I was on Meth. I actually thought somebody spiked those little fudge rounds with Meth one time cause I ate them. So yeah everytime I get like that I feel like I’m on Meth too

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I couldn’t bring myself to go to blood draw. I’ll go tomorrow. I had to get some sleep so I wasn’t a tweeker.

Hang in there @tera.
This shall pass.

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I so relate. Last couple days only a couple hours sleep and my head is buzzing and I keep thinking the MD I saw yesterday is trying to get the judge to ex parte me cuz I couldn’t keep my trap shut. So instead of kicking back and sleeping finally I am shut in my apartment thinking “when are the police going to be here”? Of course, it could be paranoia but it could also be true. I wish I could sleep!! Zzz!

Some of my worst paranoia was when I was on meth.

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Get some sleep so you don’t pass out during the blood lab.