Unrequited Love (song)

Unrequited Love

I would love to say

What a beautiful warm day

But I’m cold and I just ache

Yeah I’m cold and I just ache

To be with you it’s too late

What a terrible sad fate

And it’s more than I can take

Yeah it’s more than I can take

Far across the ocean

I’ve been sending my emotion

But I made a great mistake

Yeah I made a great mistake

Unrequited love

Not what I was dreaming of

Not at all

Unrequited love

Not what I was dreaming of

Not at all


Holy guacamole! I don’t know where to start.

Did you do this? If so you should try to get a recording contract. It’s superb.

Hey everhopeful, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: I don’t usually get many listens on soundcloud so I thought I’d post it here too. Are you on 5mg Abilify? I’m on 10mg but I would like to try 5mg and I’m guessing that is just what my psychiatrist would say haha.

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I’m on 15mg. 10mg is the minimum for schizophrenia!


I can’t hear the song but what great lyrics you wrote. Very deep.

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If you click “listen in browser” you can hear the song.

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Thanks it works now

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Very good! You have a beautiful voice.

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Love this! It’s like melancholiness by the beach! I was picturing Brighton Beach in the UK flashing between when it’s busy and full of life with carnival rides in the summertime and deserted during the cloudy icy winter out on the pier… Kind of like being with someone and being without them.

Thanks for sharing!

Wow this is great! Such a dreamy tune I really love the vibe of this. Did you do this all yourself?? Im honestly blown away, youve got talent, deserves way more than 17 soundcloud views

I think this is a great track, I like your lyrics too

It’s grreat!

Are you a smiths fan as well?

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