Unpopular opinions

Adult Foster Care homes can be great - you just have to know when and how to bend the law a little.

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My unpopular opinion is that coffee tastes gross.


I agree. Never been a coffee drinker.


Omg. I had no idea. And I liked that show. But I can’t support it anymore. Ugh.

Same. I’ve only drank coffee a handful of times in my life.


Schizophrenics would have been Mystics or Shamans in previous cultures.

No. There’s no evidence it ever would have happened and you could probably argue that Joan of Arc was making stuff up too when she said it was the word of god.

Just look around here folks. There’s so many problems with function and there’s not really a record of madness/illness till like the 1700’s. So before that we aren’t a fossil record for sure. We are just failing in the system and not leaving any mark otherwise you’d see it in history…

Sadly we are poorly represented.


I have a pet millepede and she is super cute! Her name is Shadow.


I know almost everything there is to know about anything, and Im right. All you have to do is ask. We can make things happen.

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My unpopular opinion is that I dont like children or animals. To be honest Im not much into nursing and caring for anyone.
But Im a very good friend Im always there to listen when my friends need me.
Also I am a good lover for my boyfriends. I almost instantly like everybody I meet, I like people


I think if I have a pet dog, he will attack me

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I thought YouTube was owned by Google. What underpaid losers?

Today 15 street dogs chased me one bit my crocs

I still stopped and yelled at the dogs.

They were like still they wanted a piece of me.

It’s my fault I was outside home at 1AM at night.

But still how they group up on humans.

My neighbour state hanged multiple dogs on street poles.

As the streets dogs started to attack kids on Street.

Hamsters are the best pets…


Dont forget guinea pigs oh and also cats :smile:

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You’re not smart if you have nothing to show for it.

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It’s not a good idea to use contraceptives.

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My unpopular opinion, I don’t like how it’s fall and everyone is all of asuden wearing long sleeve sweater shirts. I thought I was being original and onto something.

As long as you’re not hurting anyone, be who you want to be and love who you love, no judgement here!!!

I meant overpaid.

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