Unpopular opinions, again

I think not having kids is freaking great.

I do what I want, have few responsibilities, and some extra cash.

Now, I super love my son, and I struggle with the adoption at times,

But I don’t wish I was raising him.

I wouldn’t be able to do what his daddies do.

Also, Seinfeld is a terrible show that makes no sense.

So is Friends.

I think actors/models should be thin and gorgeous,

Realistic depictions of humans on TV will never be acceptable.

The Beatles were a horrible band, I can hardly listen to that stuff.

Hate me!

I don’t care!

Another unpopular opinion is that “Fliff Night” is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen and will never stop posting it!

Let’s argue over your unpopular opinion!


I think the only Seinfeld episode I got was the Soup Nazi one. The rest … whut? I have no idea what the point of Friends was. To me, the show was representative of what happens when dumb people form a clump.

I really like women with curves. Not talking obese, but realistic looking (think Marilyn). Women who are so skinny they look like twelve year old boys don’t float my boat.

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I like hippos.

Hippos in the morning. Hippos in the evening. Hippos hippos hippos


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Meat is murder :grinning:

That’s an unpopular one. I do sometimes eat it but I try to limit.

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In real life,

I totally appreciate and feel curvy women are more attractive.

But on TV,

It’s just odd.

I hate how most parents show favouritism to their offsprings
My mum an dad prefer my two brothers, then my older sister and you guessed it im last , always

Give him a big fat loan
Give her all your time
Buy them the new clothes, you’ll make do


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I also don’t enjoy Tim Burton.

I like his Batman movies,

But can’t get into his other stuff.

I dont have kids either and im glad my recent pregnancy scare turned out negative

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Agree. 。°。°。°。°。°

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About the kids part or Fliff Night?

Probably Fliff Night, right?

Just kidding.


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4k high definition TV makes this really hard on actors.

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My sister is a costume designer for a popular TV show,

She says even women in sample sizes look huge on camera.

A size 4 might as well be a 14.

It’s crazy.

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Yeah - the pressure is too much - think it’s hard work.

I’m sure the only way to look like they do is have a team of image makers.

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I find the lack of real looking people on TV annoying. I really like the detective show Vera because she’s real, damn it.


I looked it up,

Seems like a good show.

Vera kicks da boootaaaay.

Have you ever seen “we can be heroes”?

Chris Lilley uses real people, not actors in his shows.

It’s interesting.

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I’m not really into the Beatles either, but I really like Rufus Wainwrights cover of ‘Across the Universe’. Love that song.

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