Unpopular opinion: I hate animal pets

When I was few years old, my family used to go to my grandmother’s and there were aggressive geese outside that I was really scared to go out outside, I can remember clearly that one time they chased me and were biting so badly to my back and ass that I was almost bleeding. And there were couple dogs there that one I liked and another was really weird, he was weirdly calm and showed almost no emotions and used to lie between the passage of the rooms and I was too afraid to go pass through. The dogs used aggressively fight each other. When I was 9 and moved to my grandmother’s house and my father died. My grandmother at that moment had 16 cats! They used to ■■■■ everywhere in the house and were unsanitary to the point I got gut worms as my grandmother had never washed her hand in her lifetime and used to do dishes after touching the cats. My mother used to clean all their ■■■■ and I started scaring them and throwing them outside but my grandmother used to lure them back into the house. One time even a cat got rubella and had to kill that cat as venaterian refused to put him out for unknown reasons. After those two dogs died, we adopted an really aggressive sausage dog that seemed alright at first. He slept with my grandmother in one bed. As my grandmother tried to sort the bedding out at night one time and she accidentally somehow annoyed the sausage dog, he aggressively bit her stomach bloody few times, but continued to sleep with him. There was lack of sitting in the kitchen and the sausage dog used to take my spot and I was unable to sit anywhere in the kitchen. After he died we got another dog, he’s alright and alive up to today, but he severely bit one time my face and my hands. After some years the cats started to die outside due to aggressively assisting territory, illnessess and outside harsh conditions. One time there were only like 3 cats left and one of them female and she had a lot kittens like 8 in the house and my grandmother guarded them, but out of paranoia and hatred I put them into a bag and drowned them in a bucket and few years later the dynasty of cats were over and there is none of them left. I know you would say that why I did not bring them into a flea market to give away? I tried but none of them were given away. Why I did not give into shelter? Because you have to pay a lot of money for shelter and often were overfilled with cats and to euthanize them you had to catch the cats first and sometimes seemed impossible and they were almost like wild stray cats that had only one owner and loved my grandmother and I hate them until this daym

I’m sorry you had such traumatic times with animals. Do you like plants? I like the little pots you can grow in your window. They don’t invade your personal space for sure.

It seems to me like the real problem isn’t pets, but untrained and misbehaving pets.
Well trained dogs don’t bite. Well trained cats don’t pee everywhere. Well kept animals aren’t feral.

I’m sorry your grandmother couldn’t take proper care of the animals. But I assure you there are many sweet, well-behaved, cleanly ones out there.
Don’t decide to hate them all over one bad owner.

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