Unknown Origins of Words Used by Voices

Hi, I’m sure there are people out there like me on this one…I was wondering if anyone ever has heard words or phrases that are essentially unknown to them by the voice and then googling it to find the meaning?

For example, these things I didn’t really know of:

(1) Persona Non Grata (means unwelcome person). I was accused of being “persona non grata” by one of my voices…now I may have briefly heard of this before but I don’t think I knew its meaning.

(2) Gorgonzola Cheese (there was a voice in my mind that told me that gorgonzola cheese was a very smelly cheese. If I were asked about this cheese before I heard voices I don’t think I could say what it was).

(3) Stir Crazy . I’ve never used the term “stir crazy” before. Voice claimed it would make me stir crazy.

(4) Self Esteem. There was a character in my mind who claimed to be able to know if a person had low self esteem or not. He said he would observe their behaviour and analyse their spoken words. This is quite weird because self esteem was something familiar to me before voices but not in the way it was discussed to me from voices. Just think its weird how things seemingly come from nowhere.

There are other things too.

Now, I guess I would say EVERYTHING that is said by a voice MUST be stored somewhere in the brain, because it can only come from the person, but I’ve heard things I’d swear I’ve never really seen, heard or looked into.

Has anyone else had this, and have some examples, etc?. It may be a word, phrase or some other piece of knowledge that seems to come from nowhere?


I know they are not me though.

I would not tell myself that i wanted me to kill myself.

On top of that i have also been physically harmed twice while “someone” appeared visually.

Im not sick, it’s more like a murder.

Yes! Phrases pop into my head and they keep repeating them over and over. My memory is killing me right now so I can’t remember any examples but ill post one when it happens again

Thanks, mcxmac! It really is quite interesting. When I started hearing voices in late 2007, I was convinced the voices were from real people (in another country) when they were able to used words and terms I wasn’t familiar with.

Over time, I stopped believing this, and I assume whatever is said must be somewhere in my brain. If this isn’t the case it would be very weird.

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I believe in a collective consciousness so sometimes things fly in! I believe in a bunch of theories so it could be spirits or anything you perceive is happening really