Universe, perverse, subverse

I do not know if anybody has thought this, but sometimes I think. Universe = one verse (story), perverse = to verse (story) and subverse = sub (a part of) verse (story). Basically, all we people are in some verse (story), some are connected to ‘universe’, some are perverse and some are subvertic. ‘Uni’ in Finnish means ‘dream’, so if I see all kinds of adventures in my dreams while I sleep, am I connected to the universe, connected to one story of this whole universe where we live?

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The world powers try to control this ‘universe’, one story and they try to write one history what has happened in the world. Then there are people who try to do surversive acts to change the path of the world in various places on the Earth. We all know that the FBI and others have programs to counter this subversiveness, because they try to control the history books. Then there are people who are pervert to add their perversive acts to add more colour in our one story, the uni-verse. What would happen if the Holy Bible would be suddenly changed so that Jesus had a child with Maria Magdalena? They all would like to find this child and children of this child - right? :smiley: