Universal Basic Income Video - In A Nutshell


This video discusses some of the pros and cons to Universal Basic Income, how to achieve it, what tests have been done on the idea, and the culture surrounding work and social programs that tie into UBI.


I’m watching the video,

And have a lot of mixed feelings.

They make some good and fair points,

But I’ve still got a lot of doubt in a system like that.


I kind of agree,

I feel like this video did a great job of presenting the flaws in the welfare system without giving an adequate solution.

But hats off for trying I suppose.


I guess the first step is combining benefits, say under universal credit?

Though I’m sure as stated in the video this will make axing certain benefits and tax credits easier!


My problem is inflation isn’t just about money supply (if I remember correctly). Second, they cited the World Bank. Isn’t the World Bank part of the problem?


I don’t think they were trying to present it as “UBI is defiantly the solution” but kind of like “well this is what we know so far” and top it off with “well it might work but we don’t know yet”


As far as I know is that the world bank doesn’t actually hold any money. They are more like creditors. Also that is high scale economics that I know nothing about. I barely know micro economics let alone macro economics. What would the level that the world bank be on? Mega economics? Giga economics?


Life is simple… But we insist on complicating it…

Confucius said something like that.

Good Heavens it is frustrating…


All I know is that I’m tired of my taxes being raised while the rich get breaks.


I think if we had UBI I’d probably attempt to get a job.
As it is I know I’m unlikely to be able to keep one due to the symptoms so I play it safe and don’t take that risk by giving up my disability benefits


That’s fair.

I just don’t think that’s a viable solution.

But maybe,

Gods know,

What we have in place is not working either.


All the restrictions for SSI are designed to keep us poor, imo.


All I pay is sales tax. So tax doesn’t really affect me.


Yeah I get the part where it says you aren’t encouraged to achieve because you can only have x amount of money, or if you get a job, you will lose x benefits. Where as the UBI you can still have that, and you can earn more by working. There would be nothing saying you won’t have this or that. The idea for current welfare is that it’s based on need, which was adopted after the great depression. Also taxes on the rich were in great amounts and the economy boomed like never before or ever again. Which many people did not use welfare at the time too because they had no need because they had jobs because the system was working.

But the economy hit a few more recessions and growths since then and the recovery has been diminishing every time. Meanwhile the people on welfare has only increased. So if it’s based on need, and say the economy gets pooped on again (which it undoubtedly will) what is the point if nobody can use it when they actually need it? Especially considering it’s actually discouraging people to work instead of a system that might encourage them to be more productive? Because we all know society, friends, family, we all encourage each other to succeed. I think that is something we all want. We just have it rough because the welfare system is like a poverty trap.

EDIT: tl;dr I think it would work if adopted and people continued to encourage each other to do better.


I’d hate to lose my SSDI benefits for UBI.


We could legalize drugs and tax them. We could keep the price of drugs high by taxing them.