Unintended consequences

I got the first Moderna shot around April 15. I read somewhere that testosterone can help regulate the immune response and somewhere else that if men refrain from masturbating their testosterone shoots up after the first week.

So I was doing pretty well until a couple days ago when I started getting manic and argumentative with my wife and had even forgotten that I was abstaining from sex. We got in a big fight over money and I took off for a long ride and am now sitting in a hotel alone wondering if my wife will ever take me back (and I can’t explain this one to the inlaws)

On the positive side, the girl at Target seemed to be flirting with me: must be the pheromones!

Hmm. . .

I’ve Said It A Million Times. Okay. 1o1/1o1/1o1

Body Language Is A Form Of Communication. Body And Mind Separation.

Which Is Telling The Truth?.

And Why Should You Care About That Individuals Spoken Shadow’s Language?.

Thank You For Reading My Post.

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :owl: :spider_web: :owl:

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I wasn’t aware of that @keepsimple

Good information to have and I hope everything can be patched up between your wife and you.

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I still haven’t had any kind of ejaculation lately but after a couple really rough days and talking to a lot of friends, therapists and even my priest I feel much calmer. I pretty much figured out that wherever I end up living I am going to have to find a mattress that doesn’t hurt my back… Mostly likely the same brand I have here in the hotel… My Fitbit sleep score shot up 8 points by sleeping on it!

If testosterone has anything to do with it I do feel a lot more confident talking to people and perhaps Dr. Kellogg and his cornflakes theory isn’t totally wrong lol. (I didn’t talk about testosterone with the priest btw … I still have some boundaries)

This is my Fitbit sleep scores for the past week…I didn’t even register enough sleep to get a grade on Tuesday… 85 is the highest score I have ever gotten for sleep I think in the past two years.

Geez, you need to patch things up with your wife. Explain you became manic. It’s nothing to do with the vaccine or abstinence.

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