Unhealthy obsessions


michael jackson i listen to interviews old videos phone conversations and listen to him all day i really cant get over how bad he was treated i cant believe hes dead and i dont know if this is healthy.


I obsess often.

It interferes with daily life sometimes.


try obsessing about someone of quality and substance like mother teresa, malala yousafzai or aung sa suu kyi all amazing women who have been treated badly and rose up against the odds.
take care


I just can say that Michael was a God.


I had an unhealthy obsession with Michael Jackson when I was 13, it lasted a few months until my mom said I am idolising him.


I get unhealthy obsessions about people I know. I wonder what they are doing when I’m not around. I wonder what they eat or what they have in their closets.

I don’t remember any obsessions of famous people. I don’t pay attention to enough pop culture to know who’s who.