Ungodly amounts of stress

I’m in a masters program for nuclear engineering in Sweden (not my home country) that I dont know how I got into. I feel unqualified. I feel undeserving. And most of all I feel like I dont fit in.

Everyone here is a super genius big brain type who can speak a bazillion languages, hold down a full time job in addition to studying and can do such complex math that I cant even dream of with the greatest of ease.

Meanwhile Im over here not leaving in my apartment for weeks wondering if the helicopters flying overhead are after me or that my friends all secretly hate me and want to kill me.

Maybe you could talk to your pdoc about getting on an anti psychotic. I recommend Geodon because it doesn’t dull your mind. You might surprise yourself and everyone else by making an important breakthrough.


Thanks, but Im already on an ap. Used to be on several in fact. None of them stop the psychosis completely, it just comes in waves now. RIght now Im in a psychotic wave, but Ill come out of it. But by then Ill have missed a lot of class and be even more behind the geniuses who are already way ahead of me :frowning:

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I had to stop and restart classes 4 times.
Never give up…
if its meant to be it will happen.
if not there are easier things to do :open_mouth:
or another parallel path may be your true destiny.

I switched to an easier school too. Its easier to be the genius you are with less competition and stress


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