Unfriended on Social Media

So, I get unfriended a lot because of
a: political views supporting the constitution
b: too many pics of my cat
c: random posts that include a hint of me being a bit wild and “out there” (i.e. reciting my spoken word poetry, showing a pic of my gandalf smoking pipe, singing to my cat)

d: all of the above
answer D.
Question: how to deal? I know I shouldn’t care, but sometimes I get attached to a follower or friend and when I see they disliked me so much they unfriended me–one person among like 3000 friends, well that gets under my skin.

I always wonder if my posts reflect a non-neurotypical, like I am. I don’t post ugly or hateful things about other people or stuff, so it really makes me wonder…am I being unfriended because they can smell that hint of some kind of crazy?

I am really irritated by normies right now. The last one who unfriended me was actually a fairly well known person in his work and I looked up to him and was ecstatic when he friended me. Well, it lasted all of like 2 weeks.

I am unsure if I should stop posting so much of my art or cat, or just throw caution to the wind and say, forget all of you, I post what I want.
How to get over stupid stuff like this?


I don’t belong to Facebook so I don’t have these problems.

I had this girl I know unfriend me not too long ago. It sort of pissed me off at first. But she is a drug addict and bipolar, and also claimed to be psychic. She brought a lot of drama into my life, including trying to seduce me over the phone one night while she was drunk.

I suppose the point of my story is, some people just aren’t worth the drama.

If some people can’t handle being friends with you on social media, then they’re probably not true friends.

But yeah, it still sucks and I am sorry this happens to you.


I have some friends who unfriended me on social media. Then I removed around 30 people I have met online from my FB because honestly I am not sure if they real or fake accounts. It is important to keep privacy.

Lotsa people friend/unfriend/ block nothing personal at all. I have lotsa people blocking me on Instagram.

I remove people too if I find them triggering. People like to see/feel happy things unless they are family/close friends?

Do you wanna be people pleaser? in moderation?

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lol,. yea, that’s my downfall hahaha you’re right, I shouldn’t please outsiders. I just get the urge to fit in. I iz sheep sometimes lol.

I guess so, I just live in a society that is not equal, and it bothers me.

I’d rather be unfriended than stop demanding equality, so that’s a good point!

Thank you!

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If you post more than once or twice a day, people may just be overwhelmed. It’s probably not personal.

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yeah just chill and do what you like :slight_smile:

#play safe

people rarely like each other anyway.

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I know it hurts to be unfriended. I’d say just stick with out forum. We are more likely to understand what you like to write about and post. Our quirks are part of who we are. Leaving them all out is asking too much.

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I wouldn’t post too much. I don’t post anything on my Facebook page and the people who I know are cool don’t post much either. Posting on Facebook is really insecure. I use it to chat and remember birthdays and stuff

I’ll cut down on my daily posts, but I use facebook to make statements and fight for equality, not just look cool.

I also use it to spread my artwork to random people across the world.

It’s also an expression of my deep loneliness, so yea, insecurity plays a part.