Unfortunately, my brother in law who tried to drug me TWICE and who also

Stole $18,000 from his dad while his dad was dying is coming for Thanksgiving

I know he tried to drug me because my husband confirmed it and his brother tried to justify it

Ugh. I’m not thrilled.


That’s messed up. I’m sorry.

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Thanksgiving at your place or someone else’s? I wouldn’t let that person anywhere near you.

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@Mars , he’s coming to our home. It’s so frustrating. I have to be on guard the whole time

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If he tried to drug you, he should not be allowed in your house, ever.

Your husband should know better.


If both those things are true he should not be allowed in your house. I mean he must have tried to drug you for a reason and the obvious reason was he was going to take advantage of you sexually or otherwise. What’s your husband thinking having this guy over? If your husband wants to continue seeing him, which I don’t see why he would, they can meet somewhere outside the home. It seems your husband doesn’t stick up for you at critical times.


Its hard having such a family member, sorry

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I was almost murdered by a co worker who put poison in my drink. Twenty years ago. I saw out of corner of my eyes.dont leave a drink out by itself. I’m sorry if it’s triggered but it’s the truth of what happened.

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@77nick77 @roxanna @Aziz @Wave @TheCanuk @Mars

He is my husband’s brother and only living family member other than distant aunts and uncles.

He tried to sneak me an edible without telling me it had THC in it. Then he tried giving me a balm with THC in it after my husband asked him point blank if it had THC and he said no. But it did.

So it wasn’t a dangerous thing but he was still trying to drug me nonetheless and it makes me mad. Especially since he denied it.

My husband is lonely. His friends have been blowing him off for years now. And his family is mostly gone except his brother and great aunts and great uncles who are all in their late 90s and 100s. They’re extremely old.

Because of this, I don’t argue with having his brother over. But I have to watch my food, drinks etc the whole time he’s over.


Its bad for sz, makes it worse


I have delusions about poisoning after rispiridone. Its common. Doesnt help to actually be.

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No. It was bad for my paranoia for a while. Now if he’s around I refuse to consume or use anything that I haven’t been in charge of from opening to prepared to being in my hands at all times. Not a great situation.


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