Unexpected side effects on Olanzapine, significant weight loss

My mother, who was diagnosed as bipolar I, is taking escitalopram and olanzapine for about a year. Her depression seems not be to improving and she is experiencing some unexpected side effects. Olanzapine is normally associated with weight gain, but my mother has experienced a significant weight loss and loss of appetite while on the medication. She has also become very slow, specially her gait has also become very sluggish and robotic. It almost like we are dealing with a zomby.

Now i know this is a schizophrenia forum, but a lot of people over here have been using antipsychotics. So i was wondering if anyone has any experience dealing with the side effects of olanzapine? I have talked to her pdoc, and she wants her to continue with the medication. I, on the other hand, fear that this medicine may be causing permanent damage and personality change in my mother and want her to discontinue this medication.

@rhubot can you link the family site please :slight_smile:

Side note; I’m on olanzapine, but it’s only 7.5mg, and I have no side effects luckily, so I’m probably not a lot of help!

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@altkal, I’d like to encourage you to join our forum for Family and Caregivers that can be found at:

While this is a peer support forum for people with schizophrenia and other closely related psychotic disorders, the Family forum is specifically for people like yourself, who have a loved one they are concerned about.

Also, please let your loved one know about this forum as they may find it helpful.

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