Understanding the origin of Alzheimer's, looking for a cure

The researchers then wanted to test their hypothesis that the loss of BMI1 plays a direct role in the development of AD. To do so, they created healthy human neurons in the lab. Once the neurons reached maturity, they deactivated the BMI1 gene using a genetic method.

The results were truly spectacular. All the neuropathological markers of AD were reproduced in the lab. The researchers concluded that the loss of BMI1 function in human neurons was enough to trigger AD.

Encouraged by their unexpected findings, the researchers also ran molecular studies to understand how the loss of BMI1 triggers AD. These studies revealed that the loss of BMI1 causes an increase in production of beta-amyloid and tau proteins and a decrease in the neurons’ natural capacity to eliminate toxic proteins.


Is Az single gene illness…!!! Sz has 108 culprit gene…!! Holy jesus…!!

I have no idea how many genes are involved in AD.

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How are u spending ur days @GentleSoul…!!!

I am at the day center doing useless stuff. I used to be exceptionally smart and now i am stuck doing basically nothing.

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What’s wrong @GentleSoul ?
Can’t you find anything to do?

Its okay @GentleSoul…!!! Sz is complex…!!! Atleast ur participating… thats good vibe man…!!

Hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope…!!!

Id love to do something useful. Study something, find a job, have a career. Live in a different country, find a girl, have a family. But somehow i find myself to be stuck.


Hello @GentleSoul !
You have to work with the tools you currently have at your disposal!
For example I exercise even on days that my exercise capacity is lower.
You have to do whatever you can and not diminish yourself.
You can try to study stuff with books and notebooks-
that’s easier than formal studies, as you don’t have to attend classes or follow what a lecturer says.
You can do it at your own pace.
Try to go to a health club to exercise, to develop your hobbies, to find friends.
At the day center, try to befriend people and keep contact with them out of the hours of activity,
as well.

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