Under so much stress I'm glitching

I feel like I want to cry. I’m so stressed with all the things in my life now. Hubbys business stuff. Having had to go to busy traffic Dept today to apply for a new learners. Tomorrow I arranged we go on the three hour trip to see my parents but I wanted to overnight there which I can’t. Hubby is reason and I feel so smothered I can’t even spend a few days apart :pensive: he wanted me to give my flip flops to charity shop when I like them so much but he says they are bad for my feet are they? Looking forward to seeing my parents but dreading six hours in car (three there three back. At least I’m not driving…)

Tonight feel blank and thinking of my death. Picturing my mom cry over me or my husband. But I’m not going to kill myself I just think of ending it sometimes because everything is too much…

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I’m sorry you feel this way. I can understand that your condition and probably side effects from meds makes it tough, and that maybe you would benefit a few days apart from your husband every once in a while. It could maybe help your relationship if you were allowed alonetime sometimes.

I mean, I probably guess that in most relationships, a little breather every once in a while is welcomed.

Maybe you can talk about this. It’s just as much about what you want as what he wants, and you need to make a compromise that works for you both.

Idk about the flipflops, but it’s up to you if you want them or not.

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