Under-18s with mental health issues to be asked about their social media use

Even when I was under 18 I didn’t really use popular social media all that much. I way more frequent random online forums where I can anonymously vent my thoughts and feelings. It’s safer that way vs what most people do and use very public social media basically as a diary.

Pretty much the only social media I post on regularly today is this site.

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You know u were the first person who ever spoke to me on this forum haha

Aw well I hope I made ya feel welcome :blush:

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Social Media didn’t really exist when I was that age. It’s hard for me to imagine using it that young.

When I was that age all we had was the msn messenger app. To be honest I think I was a bit addicted to talking to people on there too. It was only just after I turned 18 that networks like myspace came out.

I didn’t really use social media when I was a teen, to be honest.
I was in the hospital for 3 months because of my first psychotic episode, so I didn’t really get to use my social media there. I was in and out of hospitals, so I didn’t really get to use it that much.

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