Unconscious scent behavior

Ok, what do you call it when 2 guys are fighting over a mate? Added these two guys are not consciously making their wise choices.

Ok so I researched why the two guys arguing over a mate are willing to put so much of themselves on the line. To make a decision that will get them in trouble, because they are not consciously acknowledging one thing. You see ovulating women emit shall I say or secrete copulins.

And the pheromone copulin can unconsciously control males through conscious or unconscious smell. Analyze in your mind scientifically how this could be happening and be aware that the other dude probably has no idea and will either back down from the competition or throw his whole life on the line to get it.

Hey I for one ain’t about to sacrifice my well being because the situation is just not worth my time. The culprit of it all, unconscious scent. Yep, imagine how your illness for the lack or there of is processing information around you at all time. Can you tell which sense, sight, sound, smell your emotions are drawing upon?

I feel temperature is a big deal when trying to feel cool and comfortable up in the brain. Strains we bypass like typing for long time can build a cortisol chemical that not only affect your arms or fingers, but can translate well your brain as stress. In other words the stress is not iso-located.

Having expressed that, go with life, it is one thing to go about it in a non progressive way, hey in life you will never learn enough.

Life is way good people just focus on the bad too much…LWD

Your posts seem to be interesting. I wish I could read.

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Thanks and sorry pob for being inconsiderate to you as an audience. When I figure it all out (yeah right). I will make a schizo voice chronicle available online. So as to reach everyones own specific way of language.

We judged each other as humans in the past and we can not walk down the road fearing the oncoming traffic as judging our behavior.

They tug we pull. The weather down south here seemed to pike the interest of some long time friends. While I can say I enjoyed the change of weather, it will not change or effect my state of sanity which is upheld no matter the weather, im saying great weather makes all peppy. It just makes me more conscious of the dangers good weather can make people lose their inhibitions. But if your aware of it you can manage your illness while watching the rest of the world folly good day

Since this illness will never be defeated. I must ask, do you ever enjoy the battle? I know for me it morphed me into a scientist. Curious as to what everything is made of and how nature it self communicates.

Otherwise without my illness I ironically would be enjoying the same old vices that brought on my diagnosis in the first place. So it changed my behavior incredibly. Hardened my soul.

Ask me when was the last time i abused any substances and I will tell you over a decade. Pretty much been clean for that long. Perception the way people or animals anything with senses is different for each of us. And if I slow down I may notice some of those things.

Take care