Unconditional love

What is ur view on it?


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I have a song for every statement


Probably a bad thing if you’re in an abusive relationship.

sometimes songs can explain it better

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I agree its a dead end then

No such thing.

Maybe for your child,

But what if your child became a monster?

I don’t know.

Hmm. . .

I Do As Well @Jonnybegood. N-Joi Everyone (!!!).

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I disagree

My 14 year old son is good

I fully know this

i believe in unconditional love.

i feel i have experienced it both as a receiver and a giver.

i believe i love everyone some how yet i dont like everyone and therefor avoid them as their behaviour may be unacceptable to me.

i believe in the power of love.

i do not beleive in death sentences.

i beleive in healing.

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I think unconditional love between partners can be unhealthy. I think we need to face challenges and meet standards to some extent.

I love my daughter unconditionally, but I still need to challenge her from time to time. If she does something wrong, I’ll still love her of course, but she needs to learn that people can still say no sometimes.

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