Uncomfortable Situation at Work

My co-worker I get along with only works for 5 hours, but has been signing the log-in/ out sheet as if he worked 7 hours. He’s been doing this for months. He leaves early and sticks me with the bulk of the work.

I haven’t addressed it with Management because he would probably get fired, which I don’t want to happen.

So I’ve decided to transfer to another department within the company to get away from it all. We’ll see how my new position works out. I’m able to return to my old duties after a month if I don’t like the new spot I’m in.

It’s definitely an awkward situation.


It’s basically fraud, and I’m in no mood to get involved in this potential fiasco.


I can understand that. There might be a lot of drama if you were to reveal this to management. I think I too would be hesitant about what to do.

Did you ever try to confront him about it?


I think it would destroy our working relationship if I did. I’m do for a change of scenery anyhow.

He’ll get nailed eventually by someone…just not me.


Sorry, dude. That’s a tricky spot to be in. You end up looking like the bad guy no matter what you do. Smart to try to avoid it. I hope you like your new department, and that your coworker takes you leaving as his cue to start reporting honest hours.


Does he use the computer? Is there an electronic key that gets you in and out of the building? Likely it will get picked up at some point. I think thats dangerous. Imagine if a fire alarm goes off and someone goes in there looking for him but he’s not in the building.

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Plus if the higher ups find out that you knew of this happening but didn’t report it you could get reprimanded

Yeah tough spot to be in for sure


You know you could always drop anonymous mail in the drop box the company could have like the grievance.

But anyways you have made the decision which i think its the best.

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