Uncomfortable living arrangements

Anyone else living in a place with someone who is very upsetting and uncomfortable to be around? This person is my spouse but I have been trying since day one to get out of it. I am under mental control. Refuses to grant divorce. I guess I need a lawyer, I have teen at home and I am scared i won’t get to see because of my schizo diagnosis if I move out.

I have, yes. I lived with a girlfriend who wouldn’t let me go down for a smoke without leaving my wallet behind. I had very much retreated inward after leaving a communal and relatively supportive rural setting with her for a major city. There were mornings I would wake up with her standing over me just staring at me. I can remember it got so bad I turned to swigging gin in the mornings when she was in the shower, go out for a new york times. I got to the point that I was walking on egg shells, I never knew what would set off her rage. A few mornings I’d wake up to “Get out!” and have to pack up what belonging I could carry and take a bus home to my parents house. Then she’d start calling, she’d drive up and we’d make up, go on a trip up the coast for a few days, then I’d move back in until I finally spilled a glass of red wine on her white carpet…bus station again. Again she drove up, we made up, and then she broke up with me. A few years ago I found her obituary after looking her up, there goes closure on that one. I like to think she faked her death though.