Uncertain times ahead


I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2003. After a relapse in 2005, I was prescribed amisulpride and the voice finally got quiet enough to not notice anymore in 2012. My illness catalyst was smoking too much cannabis back in my late teens/early 20s. Unless I’ve ingested THC, those illness demons have been a memory.

I now live in the US, and given what’s going on in the world at the moment, and amisulpride not FDA approved yet, I’ve been unable to ship in my monthly amisulpride prescription - which has been Sulprix.

A psychiatrist has prescribed me Vraylar and I do not like it one bit. I’m on 1.5mg every other day, and I’m also on a lower dose (100mg - was previously 200mg daily) of amisulpride to transition the two.

I know we’re all different and respond differently to substances, but, I feel like I’ve regressed 10 years after only three days. I’m just not myself at all.

There’s been a couple of times the post has been delayed and I’ve been without amisulpride before, for up to two weeks one time - how I feel right now is not the same.

Over the last year, I’ve discovered that smoking hemp (high CBD with very low THC) has improved my brain activity regardless - so I’m not sure, wondering? if that could help as I’ve not smoked some in almost two weeks (it’d become a regular thing given the positives I’d noticed from smoking it)

I believe that Vraylar is also prescribed for bipolar disorder… well I’m feeling like I’ve developed something else overnight - I’m snapping at my kid, my wife, pets, I feel like I’m about to start crying for no reason, it’s awful.

I’ve gone from being a regular man to a nervous wreck - in three days! that can’t be normal, surely.

Might sound like a pity party, that’s not my intention here. It’s my first post after my wife found the website. I’m looking for anyone who has been on, or uses Vraylar currently and can either relate and maybe tell me it’ll get better on the stuff.

I’m about to call my psychiatrist and speak to her, but so far I hate this stuff.

Any help would be welcome and appreciated. Thank you.


Are you sure you aren’t going through withdrawal from the amisulpride? I went through a pretty hefty withdrawal when coming off geodon

Welcome to the forum @MrFish. It’s nice to have you. I vape high mg CBD for relaxation. It helps me some. A few other members use it as well with good results. Others haven’t had success. It really depends on the hemp or cbd you get. Can be costly, too.

If you have questions or need anything, we have 3 active moderators. Just use the @ symbol and then our name like this @DearZombie @ninjastar @moonbeam and we can try to help you with any problem.

Again, welcome!

I don’t think so because even tho I’m taking half now, this is different than times I’ve not had any. I honestly don’t know for sure. One time I didn’t have amisulpride for almost two weeks because of a post delay. I didn’t feel anything like this, and that time crept up on me. This right now has been pretty much instant.

The Vraylar could be activating and make you agitated possibly

Thank you. I’ve always enjoyed smoking, still do tbh. That’s why my wife and I smoke hemp. I can’t go near something heavy in THC, but high CBD with low THC (Delta 9) and there’s definitely been positives.

We have a really awesome local dispensary, so my wife is going to pick some up to see if it helps with what I’m experiencing right now.

My CBS is in liquid form from a medical dispensary. It’s much more pure than what’s sold in vape shops and is strong. My husband has a state medical marijuana card for his neuropathy and gets the good cbd. It’s so expensive, though. We are careful and don’t vape it often. Just one cartridge is $70!

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That’s what I’m thinking, it has to be the Vraylar. I certainly feel a million times more fidgety as well. I forget the medical term for that. Hopefully this will wear off over time. Waiting for a call back from my psychiatrist.

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Could be akathisia

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That’s the term I’d forgotten, but does that effect a person’s mood/mental state as well? I thought it was just a bodily thing.

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Just a warning. Any type of psycho active drug, will help you in the short term, but after you get used to the help it will just be unbeneficial then you will be worse off in the long run. There is a lot of debate into CBD oil being beneficial because of its minor thc content.


The benefits I’ve noticed aren’t related to the illness. My own illness had been in check since 2012, unless I’d smoked or ingested THC. Hemp has been able to make me think clearer than normal, articulate better and in some ways look under the microscope, so to say, with smoking THC in the past. I’ve been able to see “triggers” which had previously lead up to a temporary madness while high on THC.

These are personal accounts tho, we’re all different… but I do appreciate your input, thank you.

Just make sure it’s always high cbd as THC has a history of causing psychosis.

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I also use hemp flower @MrFish. I’ve been using for about a year.

I can relate to you saying how it helps think better, etc.

But do find it habit forming, which I don’t like.

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Ah yeah I agree tbh, it’s made me a little lazier given it’s a body high rather than “mental” high. I’m a cigarette smoker anyway so the habit side of things I guess I’m used to.

A friend just mentioned that these new feelings etc I’ve been experiencing are related to having a new chemical in my system. Haven’t had a call back from my psychiatrist yet tho, so I’m hoping she’ll say the same.

Best case scenario, they only last a short time and I can combat them with the hemp. That’s my thought anyway.


Hopefully your psychiatrist changes your med. it sounds like vraylar isn’t for you.

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Another possibility unfortunately. I’d be willing to put up with this if they were only for a short while.

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Hey @MrFish that’s a cool name !

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