Uncertain about the future

My doctor who has been with me for seven years is leaving me. She has gotten me through some of the toughest parts of my life. She gave me a letter at the end of my last session telling me that she is closing her practice next month. All the doctors she recommended in the area will not take her patients. I feel so let down. I feel deserted and scared. Everyone I used to know in my life is gone. Now she is leaving me. I don’t understand how she can just be there and then just go without helping me get another doctor. I thought she would always help me. In the past she has always been here for me. Now without warning I’m on my own. My therapist is helping me with recommendations of nurses who can write prescriptions. I don’t understand why other doctors would refuse her patients. All I can do is cry.

Yeah, I had an emotional relationship with a doctor and he let me down, showed me the door, said I was no longer sick. They can be that way. With your next doctor, you will be more aware that it is a business, not a friendship and be more careful with your heart.


Its ok, maybe the future will hold some sunshine for you. You might find a better doctor or nurse. I know its difficult for you now, but things will get better soon :sunny:

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I feel so depressed. Things are so tough. I don’t know how other people live life like it’s so good and easy. Most people don’t want me around, but I just keep going. That’s what they tell me to do. When I’m being watched I feel so alone and scared. I think I’m a nice person, I’m not sure why things are so tough with people. I’m different and they don’t like me I guess. I need to stop setting myself up to be hurt. I have someone in my life who does want me around. The rest of my family doesn’t care.They have abandoned me. I always think people are going to be different and want me around, but it never works out that way. Everyone walks away laughing. They seem to be having a good time. Sometimes I don’t exist.

How are you different?

I don’t know how I’m different. People treat me differently than I see other people getting treated. People don’t talk to me and they treat me like I’m not in the room. There is just something about me that people don’t like. I get my hopes up when I get invited somewhere and then I get let down because I get ignored or spoken to like I’m an inconvience. Sometimes I feel like I don’t exist. I want to be a part of my family but they won’t let me.

i am sorry this has happened .
know that i care.
take care


That was so nice of you to say this darksith - @Joyful I care too, a lot of people on this supportive site I am sure do as well

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What happens when you are the one who starts a conversation?

Thank you darksith. You are kind. It’s nice to hear that someone cares.

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Thank you wave for your support. You are kind. I’m new here, however this does seem like a supportive place.

The only thing that I can possibly think of is the doctors in the area might already have a full case load as it is and since there are only so many hours in the day, they really can’t take on any more patients.

If I found myself in your shoes, the only thing I could think to do is look for a day hospital near by in your area on line, and go once and talk to the doc there for names of other doctors and visiting nurses in the area. That would be the plan of action that would hit my head.

Are you living with family or alone? Maybe your family can help you look for a new doc?

It’s scary having to get used to someone new. But I bet you’ll find someone who will help very soon.

Good luck, I’m rooting for you.

My family just listen to what I say and then turn their backs and start talking to other people. When the whole family gets together to go on an outing. I don’t get invited to go. I get told that I come into their house through the wrong door. One time I made a pie for them, I was told that they didn’t need a pie. No one said thank you. I get told that they are going to invite me over for dinner for my birthday, but I never get I invited. Once they asked me to babysit. Instead of saying hi to me, I was told that I showed up 5 minutes too early. I got kicked out of the house that I owned by my daughter in law who told me that she was going to leave my son if I stayed. I went and rented an apartment and let them stay in the house. When they do I invite me somewhere I get unclear directions and I spend the day driving around, calling them to find out where the are. They don’t answer their phones. It just feels like they don’t want me around. When I come into there home no one says hi or even acknowledges that I’ve come I to the room. I feel invisible not worth noticing.

You OWN the house and you don’t get to live in it? Do they at least pay rent?

Yes. At the time I owned three houses. Family lived in two of them, one was a rental. I don’t own them anymore last year my exhusband got them in our divorce. Now I live with my boyfriend in a rental that his daughter owns.

I’m glad to hear you have a boy friend. Someone is on your side. You might have to distance yourself from your family and just work on making yourself happy and stronger. He got ALL three houses. So much for the 50/50 split. :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear of the horrid things your family does to you. I hope you can build a new life and make new friends with your boyfriend. It’s hard and painful, but if you have people in your life who are hurting you and making your life worse, you might need to distance yourself from them.

I’ve had to accept the fact that one of my brothers is toxic and for my own stability, I’ve had to stop inviting him into my life. I’m sorry you have to go through all this.

I think you are correct. I’m just having a difficult time accepting that my family doesnt want me around. Montana is not a 50/50 state. I didn’t have the money to keep up the houses. I’m on disability.

It’s the most painful thing to have to get used to. It takes a lot of time and strength. I hope you find a new doctor soon who can help you get through this, as well as your boyfriend.

Good luck, I’m rooting for you.

Your state’s Health and Human Service Dept should be able to assist you in finding a doctor. Here in Texas, they’ve helped me find a psychiatrist and general practice doc.

Even if you can’t find a psychiatrist, you could find a GP to manage your meds. Granted, they aren’t as experienced in the dosing of psych meds. But their care would be better than none at all.

We’re here to help you. And we’re all sending you positive thoughts.



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