Unbelievable self-discovery


Finally I have disciphered that I am formed by unhealthy mind and healthy heart. (I am not talking about the hidden person. No, I am not referring to figurative heart) I believe my physical heart plays a role in daily life as a small brain, mainly for remembering my favorites, and being the base of my mother tongue.

Believe it or not, I was wondering why I keep coughing on my second day in a strange city with different culture and language (well, that’s English). After I realize that, and stop using my heart, my cough is gone! I am better in using my unhealthy brain now, that the language of it is English with computer skill.

Amazing, huh?


Well, that’s what I am referring to:

Your Second Brain is in your Heart

Your Second Brain is in the Heart

every cell in your body, holds memory…in some form.
we are all atoms after all…
take care :alien: