Unbelievable Rage

I’m srry or posting a second time btu now I am so ■■■■■■■ pissed off. The last coupe of minutes I’ve been raging

I just found out that I knew the ahole who sexully and emotionally abused my friend three years before I met her. I hate this person. I never though I could hate but I can. He is a mormon for christs sake and goes around “spreading the word” of jeuses when he is a rapist. He used to threaten her and threaten to harm her if she left ehr house with out his knowing.

I am so pissed I want to make him pay. I found he still has severall online accounts displaying pictues of my friend and had the nerve to message her when he was back in town. He came back from a goddam missionary trip. I hate that he is terrorizing her like this. It is sick and wrong.

And yes, she has called the police on him before but the officer told her that she had led the boy on when she didn’t! That same officer later got tossed in prison because he raped a 17 yearold girl. So much for police justice.

I am just so mad and don’t know what to do. I hate that this guy is here. I want to hurt him but am trying not to act out because I dn’t want anything to be traced back to my friend. I know where this boy lives and even had classes with him. Her parents dont want to talk to her about it and have shamed her for it. This all makes me so mad. This friend has been there for me when I have gone off and I don’t want her to suffer. god, what to do witht his guy.

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Calm down. You don’t want to do anything rash while you’re angry and get yourself in trouble. That would not help anyone. I think the best thing to do is try the police department again. That one jerk who told her she led the rapist on does not represent the whole police force, there are bad apples and jerks in any profession but there are also good honest people too.

You’re friend may want to call a lawyer and see if there is some legal recourse she can take to stop this guy from bothering her. Some lawyers will talk to you for 15 minutes for a very small charge and they would give your friend some advice on what action she could take.

I would feel rage and anger too if I was you or her. But you have to be careful about what action you take to make sure this guy doesn’t turn the tables on you and get you in trouble. Don’t give him any reason to call the cops on you or your friend.


I’ve come across staunchly Christian young men who say, “Just 'cause you’re Christian doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.” Their “fun” comes in many varieties, if you know what I mean. I have serious doubts about these “Christians”.

Okay, I’m waiting my 72 hours. I was calmed by visiting my bf recently. But, I still find this guy outrageous.

Agreed. They are the greatest hypocrites of all.