Unable to travel abroad on my own

I just don’t have the confidence. I will have to go with my staff which makes it very expensive to travel as I have to pay for them plus there wages with equals to £2000 a week just for their wages alone.

I have a friend I go on holiday with but because of his autism he can’t plan ahead and I like to plan holidays ahead of time and have them booked. This frustrates me. I told him I will pay for his travel expenses if he accompanies me on holiday as this still works out cheaper then travelling with my staff as me and friend can share a room.

I feel like I’ve wasted 10 years off my life getting sectioned. I want to live. In 10 years I’ve only been to Greece, Italy, Germany, Holland, Switzerland. And Wales and Scotland but these are in the UK where I live so these don’t count. I feel like I could of accomplished more.

Also I can’t go on holiday on my own. I get maximum benefits and going abroad on my own would make me seem too able. My CPN said he totally supports me going abroad on my own and I won’t have a problem with the benefit people as I have a genuine and serious disability.

In 48 years I’ve only been to Mexico. This is the only foreign country I have ever been to. I never get vacations. I’d say that you are lucky to have had as many vacations as you have.


Well going to Western Europe is like an American going to another state they are that close together.

Maybe you can travel more nearby?

You are really obsessed with travelling. I wish u all the luck ahead. I too want to travel around with my girlfriend oneday

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That’s pretty much! In over 40 years I’ve only been to 3 foreign countries.


I have travelled on my own before and never ran into trouble with the disability people. I only have to inform them when I’m abroad and ask permission for travel outside the EU.

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I can’t travel abroad, period. Count your blessings.

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