Ultimate Decision

My ultimate decision is " I have decided never to get married ".

Earlier I thought I would get a job and find a good looking girl and marry her. But, now I’ve decided never to get married.

If I do get married babies will again carry my junk genes.

So in my opinion I must never ever have babies. So, I’m never ever getting married.

If I ever want to get the attention of a cruel deity to take my exact words and turn them completely around, I will use the word “Never.”

Any time I utter that rare word, it’s as if the ears perk up and listen for whatever I’d promised to Never do- and they’d go to the ends of this earth to make darn sure that whatever it was I would NEVER do, and make it exactly what I did.

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I am fed up with failures in life. I love children and I don’t want my junk genes to be born again. So never…

Lots of thing can happen that may change your opinion of never…but nothing wrong with thinking this way now.

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I totally agree with you. May be I will hit a jackpot and get married. It’s possible. For now I’ve closed the door on marriage.

I feel the same way, no marriage, no kids for me either.

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Though I’m everhopeful of hitting a jackpot. lol yeah

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Anything is possible in life, just don’t let that word “Never” keep you from getting that potential “Jackpot.”


must agree…

it’s not for everyone. The best way to date is to meet everyone, talk to everyone, and not say,

I’m here to meet a wife. You won’t do it. Women should be shocked when you propose.

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