Ulta Beauty is an @ss: What would you do?

I spend over $1200 a year at Ulta Beauty stores and maintain the highest level one can reach as a customer (Diamond). There were a few items I’d been wanting, but I was waiting until they had a good promotion going before making my purchases. Lo and behold, they offered a mascara that I wanted with a $25 purchase. Easy peasy- I was going to spend $100 over that. So I clicked the link to put the mascara in my bag, added the things I wanted, and checked out. Yay! I got my confirmation email. There was no mascara anywhere to be seen. Not yay.

I called customer service right away, and she pretty much said, “Sucks to be you,” so I emailed the company. They claimed that I clearly hadn’t put the mascara in my cart correctly but not to worry because they’d have other great promotion coming up. Ummm… excuse me? Why in the heck would I want to spend more money on another promotion that you may not give me if you screwed me over on this one?

What would you do?

A) Suck it up. It’s just a deluxe travel size. No biggie. Worth $12-15 at the most.
B) Start shopping at Sephora instead, even though their local store is small and sucks
C) Keep complaining and try to escalate the complaint to managers and managers’ managers until I get what I was supposed to
D) Return the stuff to Ulta and start shopping directly from makeup companies

Sorry… I don’t know how to start poll.

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C. Keep complaining. They owe you that mascara!

Thanks, @Annie2012. I kinda feel the same way. And why do they have such lousy customer service? They advertised the mascara. I clicked the link to put it in my cart and checked out with it, and when I saw that it wasn’t there in the invoice, they told me I didn’t do it right so I’m screwed?! WTF?!?! That’s not how you treat a customer!

I would just refund my order and then make a new order with the mascara, take a screenshot of my cart, and if it didn’t go through that time I would report them to the better business bureau.


That’s the problem… the mascara was for the 8th only. So I can’t get it today. :frowning:

I engage in a lot of “Retail Therapy” myself. I have a special niece on the opposite coast(Oregon), she’s 4, and a happy coincidence is that she takes to it.

One moment that registered a long time ago is breaking bread with this girl who was wearing bright green sneakers. At the time it was outside my consideration to have enough pairs of shoes to be open to bright green ones.

Anyway I’m part of the Nordie Club at Nordstrom. I put faith in their curation, (their buyers?).

you can always leave a negative review online, but with a store as big as Ulta I doubt it would make a difference. They make way too much to be worried about customers as individuals.

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I am thinking about a typed letter to their corporate office. I think that is going to be the best I can do. At least someone will have heard my complaint, even if it’s only a secretary.

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Ulta has been a little shady in the past in my experience-- I didn’t like how they handled an issue over my points once in-store.

I did find their customer service line to be somewhat helpful… Maybe try speaking to a different person and see if they’ll go the extra mile for ya.

What kind of mascara is it?

Hope you get your freebie!

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It’s up to you. Personally, a $12 mascara wouldn’t be worth continuing to keep myself in such a stressed and angry state. I would probably just stop shopping there and recommend a different store to my friends.

Trying to keep loyalty to a brand is a fruitless endeavor, because a brand can’t be loyal back to you. They are loyal to their shareholders and their executives.


Thank for the advice y’all.
@Schztuna My local Ulta is great. I’ve never had an issue with them. Granted, I do 99.9% of my shopping online because I have a hard time going out, but when I do go there, they are great. It was a Too Faced mascara, Damn Girl!.

@ninjastar You make a good point. I could always just buy the darned thing myself. I don’t think it’s likely they will give in, and I’m definitely too stressed over something so small.


Oooh TooFaced mascara is the bomb!

I hope you’re able to get your freebie-- sounds like a good one!

I’d complain one more time, but I’d do it via twitter and Facebook. If I get bad service on something and no reply, I go right to their social and make it public. Bam, service changes.

I only do this for bad experiences. Like when my new floormate broke on the second use. Company was like “user error” even though I explained I had owned one before for ten years and knew the machine. Got a new one shipped in a day after complaining via Twitter.

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Thanks for the idea, Zombie! I’m not on Twitter, so I posted this on fb:

Anyone else have problems with the Too Faced Damn Girl! deluxe mascara giveaway (with purchase)? II spent over $100 to get it, but when I saw my invoice, it wasn’t there. I called customer service right away. am a Diamond member, spending over $1200/yr at Ulta, but when I called about the problem, they treated me like trash, told me it was too bad, and left me hanging. I then emailed Ulta who just said not to stress over it because they’d have great giveaways in the future. That’s all well and good, but I wanted THIS giveaway. I wanted my mascara! I feel so ripped off!!!

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Did you post this on their page? You have to do that or tag them to get results.

Yep, I posted it on their page.

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Awesome. I hope it helps!

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I would contact them again, I would call and talk to a manager and a manager’s manager until someone gives you the mascara for free or even something better than the mascara for free. That is total bullcrap. You are a good customer and you deserve your discount. And if they can’t see that then they are total buttholes.


Thanks for the advice @ZombieMombie @Leaf @ninjastar @Schztuna. The people on fb were MUCH nicer. They explained that they had run out of the product, so they had to stop the giveaways. They let me know that their customer service never should have responded like they did, and they apologized. I responded angrily at first, but then felt bad and thanked them for being honest and let them know that next time, their customer service should just be upfront instead of treating the customers like morons who don’t know how to add an item to their cart. I included a copy of the response sent to me by the online team.


Sweet! At least you got validation and treated better!