Ulotaront discussion open

Why not? A couple things to add to the list-

Will Ulotaront allow you to learn information blocked by consumption and egotistical ness from alcohol I guess
Is Ulotaront like litteral exercise in a pill I imagine this is impossible and if it were would be available to the general public. Hopeful though

Ulotaront- will it give me my childlike imagination and spirit back before alcohol I had at 16 and 17 along with getting rid of negative symptoms

Alcohol destroyed my imagination

Ulotaront- the reason they say “developement” and schizophrenia is the same is because for me when I became anhedonic from alcohol and “grew up” as a person I realized what adulthood was like was when I “developed” there’s no going back is the point. Does Ulotaront target original “anhedonia” in a healthy subject

Will Ulotaront allow you to know exactly who you are vagus nerve take risks in language

Why is Ulotaront being given to people to take at night if it helps with negatives

Will Ulotaront put me back to 19 year old me where everything was new I get this when I am stable but am hypnogogic
Have the creators of Ulotaront considered the whole of psychology around schizophrenia and schizoaffective

I do agree with you in that if you got schizophrenia and become alcoholic then you are going to destroy parts of your brain. I speak from personally experience of being an alcoholic. It has taken me 19 years as a sober person to recover. The meds I’ve used the last 10 years has made it quite easy because I cannot get drunk from any amount of alcohol because of those.

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