UK is heading for another lockdown by the look of it - only just in Autumn too


We had 8 deaths today. Lockdowns will become local instead of countrywide. Also death rates will severely decrease because of adapted treatments to the illness.

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Omg I hope London will be OK…

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The rates in London are pretty good. It is mostly in the north we are having problems.


Best to take care and lock down if needed. Otherwise you might end up like the U.S. :unamused:

Click plot to enlarge.

There was that 30 death spike a few days ago, but now they’re low again. It’s about on par with the deaths from the regular flu.

But of course cases are going to go up if testing goes up. It doesn’t mean more people are symptomatic necessarily, just that they’re pushing for more testing. Huge percent are asymptomatic.

Yes deaths are low but when lots of people have the virus vulnerable people will start catching it.

I doubt the government will want to sleep walk into another serious lockdown

We have already seen more measures for the whole of England, and several countries being quarantined. Scotland now has 1.75m in lockdown

I would not be complacent. I agree with what you’re saying, but the people in charge will pull the trigger in a better safe than sorry way

The root cause is people 40> are ■■■■■■■ stupid and don’t follow the rules

I wouldnt be surprised if we had another lockdown. Its the younger generation that are not taking it seriously - at least round my way.

Walked out of a cafe the other day cos the table still had ketchup on it from the last customer and people were packed in like sardines. Never bothered to get my details for track and trace neither.

It’s the anti-social ‘My rights matter more than your health’ people who need to be brought into line. Until then this will run and run and run.

I don’t know how best they can deal with this.

Suppose we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Not heard much about Covid in China lately, might have a look to see how they’re doing