Uh oh, it's contagious everybody!

The guy in dee sandwhich food place dee odder day, he catch my symptoms.

Saw wit my own to eyes, i’m ■■■■■■■ contagious.

He go in dah back and he hallucinate some bad ■■■■ dat i say to him.

He come out very angry and he look at me and yell about how i said something bad to him.

I saw dee proof, dis a here ■■■■ contagious! Ohhhhhhh sssshhhhheeeeeeettttttt!

And i am not ah shitting you you will never be so terrified of trees as to when you start seeing dem shamanic tings man, dis a ■■■■ here not what it appear to be at all.

Do you have schizophrenia?