Uh oh, i may be in trouble

When i walk by the street lamps they shut them off on me.

They leave me in the dark and cold they say.

Im not kidding. When i walk by them they turn them off on me.

Something special about me? They just like to hurt someone? I don’t know really.

All that i know is they have their gaze set upon me and im not alone, im never alone, and when i walk by the street lamps they shut them off. And it’s just to tell me that they leave me in the cold and dark.

Oh ■■■■! Oh ■■■■! Oh my ■■■■■■■ ■■■■!

When I got my psychotic break in 2010 the voices told me to stay out of the light. I had to be in the dark. “Watch out, they are in the light!” They said. I tried to darken ER. Did not succeed.

Street lights turning off when I’m under them are nothing new for me, but for the last few years, when I peek out my venetian blinds in the neighbors direction, not at the neighbors mind you, with in a few seconds, they shut their blinds and turn off their lights.

It’s not a matter of some ‘they or them’ turning off the lights as it is a special burst of energy from you. And it’s fairly common actually. I occasionally get it, but have known people who it happens to regularly.

Here’s the wiki explanation of it, including some debunking, so shows both sides.

Some proponents believe static electricity or "some kind of “energy” emitted by the human body is responsible for SLI. Others claim the alleged phenomenon is caused by individuals having psychic or psychokinetic ability

This goes into more detail