Ugly thoughts about people against my will

I just like addressing people lol :see_no_evil:

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I already feel like that and it’s been since October last year, I certainly don’t like the thought of that, I’m sorry that you’ve gone through it for so long; it’s so damaging having thoughts you can’t control!

I remember when I was young feeling very strongly like you do. It’s common among many young people. But you haven’t really missed out on life unless you’re over fifty and don’t have anything to show for your time on earth. You still have plenty of chances. Try not to waste them.

Truth is everybody has a dark side, there is bad in everyone, something ugly. Did you know that the Gandhi that preached non violence was treating his wife like really bad. The funny and wise charly chaplin was terrible husband. Mother Theresa was treating some of the orphans and people in her care very cruelly according to some witnesses. Well so then most ordinary people have more bad in them than good. People tend to be selfish, small minded, hypocritical, cold, opportunistic, etc a lot. BUT this is the human condition, we are imperfect being in an imperfect world. HOWEVER, dont judge other people so harshly because you are not perfect either. Try to look for the good in people and inyourself. There is this old saying either the good or the bad side will win this battle depending on which you feed. If you treat people bad and incompetent, they will become so. Treat people like you have confidence in them with respect and love and they will not let you down and become good. So maybe some of this philosophical thoughts can help your situation. Make an effort to see the good in people treating them as if they are good and they will be thankful and friendly trying to meet your expectations. Its not about being manipulative…its about treating your neighbor how you yourself want to be treated. Or put differently loving your neighbor how you love yourself.


ppl treat me poorly even when I’m nice to them. I don’t think you can force the good out of ppl by treating them nicely. I think you just get walked all over when you leave yourself open like that.

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Lots of Hypocrisy going around.
I agree.

Normalone I am happy with your new avatar.
I would better look at your face(rather nice) than a sheep.
Now about what you wrote, it is not true that everybody has something bad in them,
but a lot of people , probably most, do have.
That said, I think that your statement that most people have more bad in them than good is a little exaggerated.
I would certainly not make such an assumption.
It is true that most people probably have something bad in them, and it is true that there are some people
that have more bad than good, but to say most people are so seems too pessimistic and exaggerated.
I also agree that we should acknowledge that humans are imperfect .
I also agree we should treat people well- what you said is called the golden rule.
On a side note, I am glad that I managed to read your rather long comment in full and respond thoughtfully.

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Some of them treat you bad even if your nice to them…most will be kind in return. Treat people like they are ■■■■ and i would guess 99% of them will hate you for it and treat you bad in return. Its the general truth. You get as you give.

It was not a sheep, it was a llama. Maybe i exaggerated the point that people have more bad in them than good. I hope so you are right, sometimes i am not sure. The world is in such a bad state.

I get this all the time. I sit at home all day because I’m too socially anxious and paranoid about things. I’m pretty sure my brother can hear some of my thoughts. I feel like I should be in the hospital right now but I don’t know when I wanna go. I’m seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist and that’s helping.
Honestly the advice I’d give to you would be to not be so anxious about it. It’s very hard to control the thoughts that come into your head. I would focus on being kind and trying to get as much out of your stay as you can. I know it’s hard when your mind is doing the crazy ■■■■ it does but if you don’t give into the negativity and focus on the positive you will be much better. Talking to people always helps too.

POWER changes the equation. Somebody who wield power and can create fear could care less if you are nice to them. In a hierarchical power distribution like a business enterprise you work with fear mostly rather than love and kindness. This charly chaplin also is quoted to have said the following: you need power only if you want to do something harmful. For everything else love is enough.

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Normalone I couldn’t agree more about the hierarchical structure.
It is very bad.
It creates an unequal system where some people are superior and some inferior.
Unfortunately it is not only in businesses, its also at schools universities hospitals police military.
Lots of places and that’s most unfortunate.
I can’t imagine bossing people around, and on the other hand can’t imagine being bossed around.
The hierarchical system is very bad, a more egalitarian system is in order.

Unfortunately my evil thoughts are completely against my will. I am always incredibly polite with everyone I speak too.

I dont know it could be right now youre hypersensitive for everything ugly in people, which probably is there. Even i tend to believe there is more bad in people than good and i am not psycotic right now. Anyway, youre thinking ugly thoughts about people against your will so this is new to me.

It’s pretty new to me too, my brain has never been like this before. It’s mentally exhausting me constantly fighting it; I’m having sleepless nights because of it. I can’t stand it.

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I have the same freaking thing and today I read this quote which was a good reminder =)

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So turns out intrusive thinking was the answer to my problem, type of OCD. Now to try solve this!

Love you need to read into OCD intrusive thinking! Xx

I think it is racing thoughts??

I go through this all the time when I’m around people I usually just say sorry in my head but now I’m starting to care less as I realize it’s not real and they can’t hear my thoughts.