Ugh well now im stressed

My friend has been living with me for 2 months and she planned on staying until april. We wrote a contract and i decided that a month to month basis was more practical for both of us. Well i just asked if shed keep me as updated as possible. I asked her 2 weels ago if april was still her plan and she said yes. Today she told me shes moving out because shes super stressed and mentioned she saw a centipede ? Which i get the stressed part but the centipede kind of confused me because i havent seen any bugs at all and seeing just one centipede is kinda normal for an old house… anyway, rent is due in 6 days and now i have to cancel … something. I was using this money to get caught up on back rent and to afford much needed pet stuff like shots and one dog needs a dental cleaning bad…

Mainly just ranting. Im not mad at her just really stressed about suddenly being put in a tight spot


Why is the vibe so off today? I feel like everything was fine. I went to my dentist appointment, it went mostly fine just was more painful than last time so i was kind of on edge. Then walked outside to catch the bus and realized it was 5 degrees colder than when i went in and the sky was super dark and cloudy. Then met a coworker and we went to a concert and the vibe there was super weird. So weird that my coworker wanted to leave really early before the main band even came on because some dude yelled at him for being in the restroom for too long (he was gone maybe 2 minutes). Then this. And im over stimulated.

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Today was … off … for me. Weird day at work. It seems like every high needs customer hit at once. The media is full of bad news today and it kept hitting me in the face despite my best attempts to avoid it. Don’t need the friggin’ stress.

Thank feck tomorrow is Friday - need a break.

Hope your week ends on a better note @Grookey .

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Yeah im probably going to stay off social media for a hot minute. Sometjings just in the air i guess. Whatever it is needs to stop lol

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Now my restless arm is acting up reqlly bad.

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I have restless legs. I cannot imagine a restless arm!

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Its the same thing just in my arms lol. Sometikes i get it in my legs too

We have centipedes. around 3inches long at the biggest. Mostly in our basement. Have seen some in my bedroom.

Hope you can find another roommate or something works out.

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