Ugh this day is dragging

Been awake for 3 hours and it feels like an eternity



Blood pressure still high should i get it checked?

Neighbours running a creche from flat below me all ages of kids stopping by noisy little ones

Hubby stuck in traffic barely moving might not be back for hours

I take meds for high blood pressure.

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Yes my parents both do

How long do you have high bp before they give you meds?

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I don’t remember but I started them 3yrs ago when I was 29y.o. along with high cholesterol meds.

What yime is it?

That’s really young Aziz i don’t know how you cope with that all these health conditions bring us down

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Its half three

He keeps ringing me, he has barely moved half a mile in 20 mins down motorway cos of an accident
I feel like im losing my mind being on my own

I hate traffic. When I used to drive I would always choose the longer distance and less traffic option.


Yes its bad but motorway is quicker

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Hubby just follows the sat nav
Hes hopeless hes no sense of directions lol
Hes not going to be baock for ages
Car accident on motorway
Geez im not good today my mind feels so tired

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Well he got home just before and is cleaning his car now. Its cost him £50 of fuel today, hes mad driving distance he did

I try to do that too. Id rather be moving than at a stand still

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Drinking rhubarb water to wake me up a bit, this day is painful


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