Ugh. Being a parent is so hard

I’m just a step mom… but dang having a kid is hard. He just flipped a cat upside down so I sent him to his room.

Moments like this make me not want my own kids anymore


It gets better, and good on you for doing the right thing.




Thanks @pixel

Is that an expression?

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Ha, no, he literally took one of our house cats and flipped her upside down


Oh wow lol 1555

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You’re telling me🙃

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When one of my twins was just a toddler…well…let’s just say it went like this…

Daughter: “Daddy! Wanna smell something beautiful?”

(She hands me a pencil. I think she just sprayed it with perfume.)

Me: Oh, sure. I’ll take that! (big inhale)…Oh, man! WTF?? That smells awful!

Daughter: “I stuck it in my butt!”



Omg… @Patrick

Twins always play tricks on you.


The moments aren’t all bad though. I :heart: being a mom. I’ve never gotten so much meaning out of anything else I’ve ever done.

Mine are past the random stuff with cats age though and more into the “leave me alone mom” stage… :wink:


I can’t wait for the “leave me alone mom” stage LOL


@Human I feel you. I have a 10 year old boy on the Autism spectrum. He puts me through my paces. He is so sick of homeschooling that he ripped the towel bar off the bathroom wall on Friday. He is getting like the Incredible Hulk the bigger he gets!


The grass is always greener…

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Yeah, I feel you, my step son is 9… i would think he’d be out of this messing with animals stage by now but I guess not.

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I homeschool my autistic 14-year-old. It’s not for the faint of heart! (This child also has bouts of psychosis, so I’m wondering if the autism is really just schizophrenia.) Does your child bang their head? That’s the hardest thing for me during homeschool.


@rocket I have three children who are all on the spectrum. I don’t know if any of them have schizophrenia too. I pray that they will not get it. I wish I knew earlier that the two conditions often go hand in hand. My friend works for our local regional center and told me that one of her clients punches walls as he has both Autism and psychosis. He needs heavily sedating medication to control. I would be open to an antipsychotic for any of my kids if they needed it because it helps me tremendously!


@Human my little girl used to bark like a dog in public places

I do that when unmedicated, I only have sz. I destroyed walls, doors and the fireplace glass. Worse than that too with knives…I had some tics and head banging when I was young but they disappeared. I read that autism and psychosis share some similar genes.

I did that while psychotic at home, my parents called 911. I thought I was a dog lol I was biting bed covers and pillows. Insanity pills took care of that.

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