Ufos what is your definition?

Heavens gate is one example of why I think a lot of ‘aliens’ are demons…especially the little grey ones. they would be extraterrestrial in origin because they were originally not of this earth, but they followed satan and were cast down to earth. they operate in earth and around it…probably limited to the inner solar system.
I learned good Angelics utilize Pluto without any bother from the demonic aliens. however, The base on Phobos moon (Mars) had demonic activity and Mars was probably a stronghold of rebellious angels until the cataclysm when it lost its water and its atmosphere changed.

Grey ones" , you see these in person and confirmed this?

and about demonic activity on one of mars moons? thats pure rubbish man. your living in a fantasy world

it reminds me of this guy I used to know that was so sure he has been seeing ufos flying by his apartment building at night in the distance and even landing in the park! and then he said that he called someone and the government told them that this never happened. He would try and try to show me what he had been seeing , I would look with the binoculars or telescope, and You would see these distance aircrafts flying along, or appear to just hover and then move sporadically in weird directions.

Well that is because your eyes cannot focus so it fragments it into sporadic movements, similar to when you look at numerous stars in the sky, you try to focus on one and its starts moving.

long story short , they were airplanes landing at the nearby airport LOL he would refuse to accept this.

His excuse is it wasnt a good night lol

even though he said it happens all the time.

He also showed me videos of aliens on the internet that he was so convinced that were real. I could design a very realistic video with a little special effects work and certain film style. its dead easy.

Yes, twice… and there was real physical events and manifestation of things that went along with their appearance.

Ok…wish you could go there in astral form, RV, or other method and know
Try this

yes, aircraft can sometimes be mistaken for a UFO…that’s why I originally replied UFO can mean “Usually Found Otherwise”…but then there are the real UFOs that are unidentified, or in some cases IFOs that are not man made.
This obviously is not a man made aircraft… To me it’s an IFO, but to most people its a UFO.

Here is the same kind of craft flying in the very upper reaches of the atmosphere…

That would be something like this…

Can’t believe some people actually see that and other pics and vids of this aircraft/spacecraft and say the aliens are here. this is man made. For some reason NASA failed to remove it from an old Shuttle recording or thought we would just overlook it, or maybe they leave it there so we will know. In the video it comes up from the atmosphere and seems to enter low earth orbit so its an aircraft that can also enter space.
IFO : Aurora project/Black manta

If you could identify it it would just be an f.o.

idk,i think aliens are green lol

They’ve already landed. They’re walking among us.

i was joking haha

i don’t think anybody, aliens or us could build anything that fast to travel anywhere and if they did they would probably bump into lots of space debris and stuff, they wouldn’t tho bc i think it is impossible lol.

Why does everyone think in terms of linear travel and speed? the usage of time loops, time/space, and quantum teleportation solve these problems easily. teleportation is basically taking information and moving it somewhere else…not linear…but like if you click the cursor from the end of this paragraph to the beginning…it didn’t move…it disappeared from one spot and appeared in another…simple.

if time travel was a possibility wouldn’t we know about it already? people would be popping about all over the place.

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I think astral time travel happens but physical objects are not moving back in time…I don’t think. I may be wrong. I have said before that i believe prophecy, when you have a vision of a future event that later happens may be a type of astral time travel where your consciousness moves forward in time and sees the event.

the imagination is a wonderful thing, thinking of something that may happen in the future is not impossible so i would say that it is possible to predict the future but a prediction is always going to be a guess and whether it is a good guess or not is not beyond the realms of imagination.