UCLA-led study explores how people with schizophrenia stay productive while managing symptoms

			People who

have schizophrenia may be worried that the disorder will prevent them
from living independently, pursuing higher education or holding down a
demanding job. In reality, many people do manage their illness and live
full and highly productive lives.

A new study by researchers at the David Geffen School of Medicine at
UCLA and colleagues at the University of Southern California describes
some of the strategies people with schizophrenia have used to overcome
the disorder and function successfully in their careers. The research
was published November 15 in the journal Psychiatric Services.

The researchers conducted up to three interviews each with 10 men and 10
women with schizophrenia from the Los Angeles area. All of them
continued to have some psychotic symptoms even as they were employed in
professional, technical or managerial occupations…
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