Uber/Lyft Strike

Uber and Lyft drivers are planning to go on strike for Valentines Day 02-14-2024 because they raised their fares but cut the drivers pay.

My husband plans to strike too.

I’m glad they’re striking. They’re now getting very little pay.


Your husband does Uber/Lyft?


In times of high inflation to cut pay seems ruthless,

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He’s now driving Uber part time (about 6 hours per week) because with inflation we no longer make it to the end of the month.

I plan to try supported employment after I finish PT on my ankle.

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I don’t know how I feel about strikes.

Yes, it’s a necessary thing sometimes,

But it really hurts a lot of people indirectly.

My sister couldn’t work all last year because of strikes.

And her union wasn’t even striking.

As a result of these drivers striking, there will be many drunk idiots on the road.

I get it.

I just don’t like it.


@Charles_Foster , my husband is in too much pain while sitting like that so this may be a very short lived employment.

That’s why I plan to try to start working

I just have no idea what I’ll try to do

Yeah, I agree @Charles_Foster . Drivers striking can make the roads pretty scary.

Seems counterintuitive they are lowering your husband’s pain medication when he’s in so much pain.

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I know. It really sucks. It gets worse every time they lower his dose.

He is getting more and more disabled

But apparently it’s really bad for the body to be on a pain pump for as long as he has.

It’s my understanding pain pumps are to last as long as they’re needed.

It’s the same as taking an opioid pill, just more controlled and directly in your system.

Interesting they’re doing that.

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@Charles_Foster Part of the problem is that in Texas, where my husband worked when he got injured, employers are not required by law to pay workers compensation.

They keep rejecting claims, and the dr keeps having to convince them to pay for his pump refill.

No lawyers will take his case because in Texas, it’s against the law to sue your employer.

We haven’t tried to find a lawyer in a few years so things could have changed since then. So it’s probably worth trying again

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All you have to say is “Texas”.

I lived there for several years and know how absolutely godless and terrible their system is.

It’s a super backwards place.

Very unfriendly in those kinds of cases.

I’m currently trying to get the title of a car from Texas.

We’ve done all the paperwork, several times.


Flew to Texas to do it in person.


They are ■■■■■■■ impossible and I wish they would just become their own country.

Good riddance.

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I couldn’t agree more @Charles_Foster !!!

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