U.S. Haldol Shortage - Plans?


Do you have enough Haldol until Dec 6, or will you be out by then? I really hate that they won’t squeeze you in sooner. It’s obviously an emergency!


I think my Haldol will last till Dec 6. I may not have enough to cross taper with another med though, and if the next med makes my face twitch as the last med change from Haldol did, I probably won’t have enough to get stable on the Haldol again as I did before while waiting for another appointment 3 weeks away. That’s why I changed psychiatrists to this one. My last one didn’t respond to my face twitching, as I recall.


What the hell?! How could they not respond to that? You really need a good pdoc!

Any of us could easily end up in the hospital without our meds. We know there is a shortage now while we still have part of a previous prescription. We are trying to plan ahead. Why are we the only ones who are treating this as seriously as it deserves?!


I guess I got lucky in getting mine. I would just call around to many different pharmacies though and see who has it in pill dosages that would work then have your doctor send the script to the best pharmacy. Since it may be in shortage go for a 90 day supply. You could probably get a good price for it too through goodrx.


I’ll try to remember to check in to let you know that I’m ok. Other than that, though, I’m going to try to stop posting on this site for a while. These medication shortages have gotten me in a bad mood about the pharmaceutical and psychiatric industries, and I don’t think I can be as positive about them as I’d like to be right now.


That’s totally understandable. I will definitely look for you, especially closer to Dec 6, to hopefully see that you’re still okay though!


@AberrantSalienc How did your appointment go? Were you able to come up with a good solution? I’ve been worried about you.


In a worst case scenario they could give you Thorazine, or a drug derived from Thorazine. There are a number of them.